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The school will require that every student be capable of spending their days under their own direction, that they be committed to obeying and enforcing the school rules, and that they take responsibility for educating themselves. Additionally, the family should understand the schooling philosophy and be willing to enable the student to be self-directed, as unpredictable as that may be. These unusual requirements are sure to raise questions, so please , ask away! Contact us. We can discuss this at length and connect you with resources describing Sudbury schools and the experiences of parents and students.

Admissions Process

Usually at Sudbury schools, prospective parents and students attend an interview, as a family, with a school admissions clerk. This interview is not to assess the academic standing of the student, or any other qualifications, except for those mentioned in "requirements". Rather, this interview gives the family a chance to discuss all questions and concerns with the school representative. It is important that families are prepared for a completely different experience of school. 
The interview is usually followed by a visiting week (paid at a prorated tuition rate) for the student, attending as if enrolled, to decide if they indeed want to attend for a full term.
For the school's initial term, there may not be any kind of visiting week. We will probably just have to go for it!

Costs and Subsidies

At this stage, we do not have an estimate for the tuition. However, Sudbury schools generally are able to be the lowest tuition private schools compared to others in their area. Now, some of the other schools in our area strive very hard to offer low tuition! We will likely be in the same ballpark as some of the part-time primary schools, though we will be full time. Sorry for the dim info in this area. 

Sudbury schools do have much greater efficiency than most schools, due to the effectiveness of the school meeting guiding the budget.

There are several ways for a school to structure sliding scale or subsidies/schoalrships. This is something we need to gather more info about and consider as a founding group. Please join us or give us your input.