Columbia, MO, USA


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No specific location in mind yet! Do you know a realtor who is passionate about education alternatives? 
Here are several elements we have in mind. A big house, expansive outdoor space, woods, water (a creek, a pond...), in or near Columbia. Adjacent to a state park would be ideal. Sound ambitious? It is! Go big or go home, right? We want this place to be absolutely magnificent. In Sudbury education, the environment is so key.


So far there is no Columbia Sudbury School, but in our dreams. We need your help to create one. Consider visiting one of the other Sudbury schools, reading about them, or of course, talking with us, to get a clear sense of what we want to create.


At this stage, we do not have an estimate for the tuition. However, Sudbury schools generally are able to be the lowest tuition private schools compared to others in their area. Now, some of the other schools in our area strive very hard to offer low tuition! We will likely be in the same ballpark as some of the part-time primary schools, though we will be full time, or maybe part time for just some younger students. Sorry for the dim info in this area, we are just not there yet.

Sudbury schools can operate on a lower budget than most schools, due to the effectiveness of the school meeting guiding the budget.

There are several ways for a school to structure sliding scale or subsidies/scholarships. This is something we need to gather more info about and consider as a founding group. Please join us or give us your input.


When students arrive (arrival/departure time could be a flexible period, like 8:30-10:30/2:30-4:30) they sign themselves in. They are then free to proceed with making their own choices and plans for the rest of the day. The possibilities are truly endless. Sudbury students typically spend a lot of time in all kinds of play, conversing, creating things, planning projects, trips, entrepreneurial pursuits. Sometimes these activities look productive, sensible, and useful to adult eyes. Often they don't. This is a childhood, and we believe children have a right to it. Not only is it their right, but they learn much more by it than by always being overtly guided to learn. Our school will probably have some kind of open campus policy, with guardian permission for students of a certain age to sign out to leave campus. This opens up the whole world of opportunity to them. Again, this is part of a healthy, educative childhood that allows students to take responsibility for themselves. Sudbury schools work to cultivate a good relationship with their neighborhood and students are responsible for contributing to that in their actions off campus.


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